Xante 365: Delice A L’orange

Good afternoon folks; glad to be back on the scene with Cocktails, 365. It’s been a long time since we’ve been on this site as a writer, but things have been busy in the DrinkxXx On Me world. Our newest endeavor is that we are working with a liqueur called Xanté. Xanté is a premium […]

Sunburnt Canadian

February 28, 2012 (Day 336) — Sunburnt Canadian Sometimes simplicity is the necessity that leads to invention. 2 oz PAMA Ginger ale to top One large ice-cube Place the large ice-cube in a champagne flute. Top with the PAMA and ginger ale. Serve. Cheers! — Mark

Ginger Tea

June 23, 2011 (Day 87) — Ginger Tea “If you throw a midget into a tub of hot water, he makes Sleepytime Tea! A big tub o’ camomile!” – Patton Oswalt I’m not going to say Patton Oswalt endorses my blog. Because he doesn’t. But man, wouldn’t it be cool if he did? Tonight’s post […]

Ginger Champagne

December 10, 2010 (Day 314) — Ginger Champagne I always know it’s the holidays when the fridge in our garage is filled to the brim. With bottles of cheap champagne. Now see, while I espose that what you pay for is usually what you get in the cocktail world, I still go for André, the […]

Ginger Cosmopolitan

December 8, 2010 (Day 312) — Ginger Cosmopolitan Yesterday we made what definitely amounts to a party drink. Let’s take it down a notch tonight and tease up the class just a little bit more. You know, classy! Jenn and I have a Williams-Sonoma holiday cookbook that’s filled with lots of entertainment ideas, and a […]