MONDAY MORNING REVIEW — Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

December 5, 2011 — Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper Earlier this fall, Southern Comfort decided to try and expand it’s market share with another flavor iteration. They already have Southern Comfort and Lime, which looked to snag the market of people too damn lazy to squeeze a lime into their glass. Now they’re capitalizing on the […]

ORIGINAL — Fog Punch

November 26, 2011 (Day 242) — Fog Punch Oh God. You were able to keep everything at bay. The Holiday jingles. The guy dressed like Santa who smells suspiciously like urine and chicken bouillon. But it’s now two days after Thanksgiving. If it was annoying before, it’s almost unbearable now. Two words that make this […]

Whipped Up Breeze

September 6, 2011 (Day 161) — Whipped Up Breeze Something a bit brighter for your Tuesday night. Whipped Up Breeze 2 oz Burnett’s Whipped Cream Vodka 4 oz cranberry juice Ginger ale to top Combine the ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Stir gently and then serve. Summery and just a bit of […]

Fantasy Martini

August 6, 2011 (Day 131) — Fantasy Martini We’re sticking with some girly, Girl’s Night Out type of drinks with this evening’s drink. Fantasy Martin 1.5 oz vodka 1 oz Ke Ke Beach Key Lime liqueur .5 Blue Curacao .5 cranberry juice Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled […]

Mi Corazon

July 31, 2011 (Day 125) — Mi Corazon Holy monkey pox, it’s already the end of July? Where the hell does the time pass? Eh. Who cares when you’re having fun, right? We’ll make this one tonight brief so you can get back to your Sunday dalliances. “Mi Corazon” is Spanish for “My Heart” which […]

Malibu Sunset

July 7, 2011 (Day 101) — Malibu Sunset Heat. Oppressive heat. Welcome to summer. Malibu Sunset 1 oz Malibu Coconut Rum 3 oz pineapple juice 3 oz orange juice 1 splash cranberry juice Combine ingredients in a Hurricane glass filled with crushed ice. Fruity, summery, and perfect for an evening spent on the beach. Cheers!

Ocean Drive

July 6, 2011 (Day 100) – Ocean Drive Ocean Drive is a street in South Beach Miami. It’s pretty goddamn posh. We hear tell there’s also lots of scantily clad folks down that way. Which we’re okay with. Ocean Drive 1.5 oz Malibu coconut rum .75 oz orange curacao liqueur .5 oz orange juice .5 […]


May 20, 2011 (Day 53) — Darkside I was a Star Wars nerd growing up. Not that that’s really surprising to.. well.. anyone. That kid in the middle had long days of nerddom ahead. So naturally when I came across a cocktail called the Darkside I knew it had to include a lightsaber as garnish. […]

Smoking Loon

April 30, 2011 (Day 33) — Smoking Loon A true man knows how to smoke a tobacco pipe. But smoking is bad for you. So you’re kind of a loon. Here’s a drink for you. Smoking Loon 1 1/2 oz. Bacardi Gold Rum .5 oz. Peach Schnapps 3 oz. Cranberry Juice 1 oz. Orange Juice […]

Bloody Harpoon

April 24, 2011 (Day 27) — Bloody Harpoon Happy Easter, everyone! It’s a family tradition that Easter means new books for everyone. My parents were voracious readers, and passed that along to my brothers and I. Now I’ve passed it along to my family. In honor of the day of books, let’s celebrate… oh… let’s […]