George Dickel White Corn Whisky #1

There’s something special about moonshine. It’s the purest form of the liquid we’ve all come to adore so much. Unadulterated, unfettered, it’s the virgin expression of the base spirit that we all strive for. At least when it’s done right. If not, it’s a screaming hellfire on earth that leaves you dying among the bushes, […]

Fire and Ice

May 14, 2011 (Day 47) — Fire and Ice Let’s get some heat going on with our ice this evening. We’re being all sorts of gourmet tonight, making spicy tuna cakes with a cucumber jalapeno sauce. So we need something equally tasty to drink. Let’s just pile heat upon heat, too! Fire and Ice .5 […]


May 12, 2011 (Day 45) — Horsefeathers What exactly ARE horsefeathers? According to the Interwebs, it’s a non-existant thing. I loves me some specificity. It’s also a Marx Bros movie. Horsefeathers 2 oz Platte Valley Corn Whiskey 3 dashes Angostura bitters Ginger ale Combine the three ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice. Delicioso! […]


May 11, 2011 (Day 44) — Goblin This is a redneck take on the classic Gremlin which I’ve become rather fond of.  Goblin 2 oz Platte Valley Corn Whiskey 1 oz Rose’s Lime Combine your ingredients in a mason jar filled with ice. It’s a not-nearly-as-sweet Gremlin — there’s the great distinct whiskey taste with […]