Queen Tiff

August 1, 2011 (Day 126) — Queen Tiff The Queen Tiff is a cocktail that seems to have cropped up on the interwebs in the past year. There’s no definitive story (that we can find at least) to its origins. Some have dark rum. Some have light rum. This one specifically featured Ke Ke Beach […]

A Day at the Beach

July 10, 2011 (Day 104) — A Day at the Beach It’s too hot to move now, much less be witty. For better or worse, I’m not witty when it’s so overwhelmingly hot. I would love to be at a beach. However, a nice tobacco pipe, a sprinkler and my beautiful wife will have to […]

Rock n’ Rolla

May 24, 2011 (Day 57) — Rock n’ Rolla What is Rock n’ Rolla? It’s rock and roll, ya tool. Rock n’ Rolla 2 oz Spiced Jack No. 94 Dash coconut rum Cola to top Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with crushed ice, stir well and serve. You’ll notice that this drink […]

Jack Does Ginger

May 23, 2011 (Day 56) — Jack Does Ginger Yeah, it sounds like a porn title. Jack Does Ginger 2 oz Spiced Jack No. 94 Splash coconut rum Ginger ale to top Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice, stir well and serve. Very tropical. The sweetness of the coconut rum, even […]

Caribbean Screwdriver

July 18, 2010 (Day 169) — Caribbean Screwdriver It’s a busy Sunday, so we need to boost our energy with a solid brunch. Thick cut bacon, french toast, eggs. We had to make something equally excellent to drink. Something solid. Something tasty, and bright and summery. Something with coconut rum? Yes. Something with coconut rum! […]

French Riviera

July 16, 2010 (Day 167) — French Riviera Word to those in the know: When it tops 100-degree weather, asphalt parking lots get soft. Heavy motorcycles don’t stand up too well. They can — and will — fall over. And while the bike may start up just fine, it’s entirely possible that the battery can […]