Castle Brand’s Irish to the Core Portfolio

DISCLOSURE: It is Cocktails, 365′s policy that it always disclose when we receive samples of liquor to review for the Website. As we tell those who offer samples: we will accept the liquor for review, but that does not guarantee a positive review. Listed below are the opinions of Cocktails, 365 and no one else. And always, thanks […]

Mum’s the Word

May 8, 2011 (Day 41) — Mum’s the Word Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful and lovely ladies out there! You’ve put up with more shit than anyone I know. Good on you. My poor mom put up with my shit for 18 years. Eighteen years. More so, actually when you consider that she […]

Satan’s Tail

April 29, 2011 (Day 32) — Satan’s Tail Don’t be afraid of the name. The Satan’s Tail is a delicious summer drink that takes on a nice bright red hue from the grenadine. Satan’s Tail 2 oz Bacardi Gold Rum 1 oz Boru Vodka 1 tablespoon lime juice 1.5 tsp grenadine 1.5 tsp peach schnapps […]

Spin Doctor

April 10, 2011 (Day 14) — Spin Doctor I work in PR for a company that I truly enjoy working at and support its mission: Making the Planet More Productive. Yeah, I could be called a spin doctor. But when you work for a company with nothing to hide, you really don’t have to do […]


April 9, 2011 (Day 13) — Tuxedo I’m a fan of the tuxedo. It’s slick and an eye-catching catch-all for any formal dinner or event that may come up. And if you’re like every single other male in the United States and Britain, you like to pretend that you’re James Bond. We’ll also settle the […]

Red Hot Apple

August 26, 2010 (Day 208) — Red Hot Apple Count me as one happy camper. The unseasonable fall-like weather has continued in our area! Not only that, but we’ve been able to crack open all the windows in the house and air it out really well for the first time all summer. You really can’t […]