November 11, 2010 (Day 285) — Envy It seems any more in this day and age that when people think of Veteran’s Day they tend to think of World War II and Vietnam veterans. My hats off to these brave men and women. And yet, more personally I’ve known veterans of our most recent wars […]

Bluebeard’s Wench

September 12, 2010 (Day 225) — Bluebeard’s Wench Ahhh, Sunday brunch right before I head out for a week away from my wife and stepson for work. Let’s make something fun and bright to keep the mood’s levity! I love the name  Bluebeard’s Wench, so let’s make that one. Bluebeard’s Wench 3 oz rum 1.5 […]

The Sapphire

July 4, 2010 (Day 155) — The Sapphire It’s the Fourth of Juuullllyyyyyy (Sung to the tune of Bone Thugs N Harmony’s “First of the Month”). That means we all get loaded, then shoot off illegal fireworks! Celebrate your nations independence by blowing up a small part of it! (My apologies to who I stole […]