Molinero Lite

Can you make a decent beertail with crappy beer? We try and (kind of) succeed!

Lavender Shandy

We like the Leinenkugel’s Lemon Shandy as the base beer, because it swings a bit sweeter, but offers some really pleasant citrus bite. The lavender syrup adds a few extra layers, and the vodka strengthens the back end.

Tuesday Afternoon Quickie: Boiled Espresso

It’s Tuesday and cold weather has inexplicably steamrolled into western Kansas. Here’s a drink that’s just as good in cool weather as in hot. This is a modified version of the classic Boilermaker. Boiled Espresso 2 oz Van Gogh Double Espresso (ice-cold) 16 oz coffee stout (we used Fuel Café Coffee Stout) Combine ingredients in […]

ORIGINAL — Malibu Brewery

January 3, 2012 (Day 280) — Malibu Brewery Occasionally we’ve talked about the mystical world of “Beertails.” Beertails, you see, are cocktails that feature beer as the main ingredients. Now, this is much harder than it sounds, as beer is such a complex type of drink that to able to find the proper ingredients to […]

The Troublemaker

September 30, 2011 (Day 185) — The Troublemaker “He just goes from town to town/Stirring up the young folks/’Til they’re nothing but a disrespectful mob.” – Willie Nelson, The Troublemaker Spoiler Alert: This song is about Jesus. So, do I feel uncomfortable making a cocktail based on a song written by a drunk stoner about […]


June 18, 2011 (Day 82) — Chantels For those unfortunate enough to not know about the Chantels, they were a Motown group from the 1950s who produced some great hits and still manage to make me wistful. Tonight’s drink is called Chantels because it’s a take off of the classic Shandy, which is beer and […]

Gold Rush

June 17, 2011 (Day 81) — Gold Rush When they’re done right, beertails are hella tasty cocktails that can impress visitors and fans alike. That introduction has nothing to do with tonight’s drink. Tonight’s drink makes me think of crazy toothless prospectors. Gold Rush 1 oz bourbon whiskey 1 oz vodka Smithwick’s Ale Combine all […]

Bloody Useless

June 14, 2011 (Day 78) — Bloody Useless This one’s short. Yup. Bloody Useless 2 oz vodka 1 oz grenadine Smithwick’s Ale to top Combine ingredients in a pint glass filled with ice and stir gently. Serve. A little bit of sweet to balance out the bitterness. Not a drink for everyone. Cheers!

Featured Best Buy Booze: Smithwicks Ale

June 13, 2011 — Smithwicks Ale That’s right, ladies and gents. We’re making beertails this week. Because I’m a sucker for a challenge. This week’s featured booze is Smithwick’s Ale. And as anyone who has some time whipping up cocktails knows, beertails are some of the hardest drinks to make. the unique hoppy flavor of […]


January 29, 2011 (Day 364) — Jayhawker I love Lawrence, Kansas. That’s never been much of a secret. I lived there for several years while I went to school, then again for a while while I worked at the local newspaper. Aside from Dodge City, I truly think of Lawrence as my hometown. There doesn’t […]