Unbearable Lightness

September 24, 2011 (Day 179) — Unbearable Lightness How about something a bit…. lighter. Unbearable Lightness 2 oz Korbel Brandy Juice from one half a meyer lemon Dash of agave syrup 4 leaves fresh mint Place the mint leaves at the bottom of a rocks glass and muddle with the lemon juice and agave syrup. […]


August 17, 2011 (Day 142) — Hypnotizar This is  a take off on the classic Margarita. It’s the Margarita with a twist. Hypnotizar 2 oz tequila blanco 1.5 oz 03 Orange Liqueur 1 oz Hypnotiq Dash of agave syrup Juice from one lime Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice. Shake […]

Union Square

April 13, 2011 (Day 17) — Union Square Another New York City-themed cocktail? Well, considering we’re working with New Amsterdam all week (our featured best-buy-booze of the week), it only makes sense that we’re going to see a lot of NYC landmarks. This week you poor bastards have been subject to my armchair historian tendencies. […]

Autumn Slumbers

November 1, 2010 (Day 275) — Autumn Slumbers Spent a very informative, if not exhausting, day at the 140 Character Conference in Hutchinson, KS today. I’m feeling the need to relax with a warm drink. Sorry for the small post. Hopefully after I catch up on some sleep I can be a bit more loquacious. […]