Zacapa Highball

Having made two different cocktails with the Zacapa so far, we decided it was about time to create something a little more simple. You see, having drank the Zacapa neat, there are some excellent notes and complexities in the rum’s flavor. While the other mixed drinks have been good, our biggest complaint is that the […]

Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera Grand Reserve Part One: The Taste Test

We’ll sing any song about the sea, or about drinkin’ rum, or about being at sea when ye’d much rather be ashore drinkin’ rum with pretty lassies who’re also drinkin’ rum. After two bottles in a row knocking down vodka, we’re taking something a bit heavier and hitting a bottle that if you indulge too much could […]

Godiva Vodkas Part Two: Thin Mintini

Mmmmmmmmmm thin mints. Those delicious, devilish Girl Scout concoctions. It only makes since to booze-a-fi it. 2 oz Godiva Chocolate Vodka .5 oz white creme de menthe 1 dash vanilla extract Combine the ingredients in a chilled cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and then strain into a frozen martini glass.

Godiva Vodkas Part One: The Test Test

We’re going to take you on a double-whammy ride over the next two weeks. Rather than offering up one separate liquor review, we’re going to take a look at Godiva’s two newest boozy-iterations – their infused vodkas. Now, Godiva (at least in the cocktail world) is known for their rather excellent range of liqueurs. They […]

Russian Standard Gold Part Two: Bolshoi Basil Green

This one comes straight from the folks at Russian Standard. 1.5 oz Russian Standard Gold 1 oz fresh lime juice 3 fresh sprigs basil 2 tsp simple syrup Club Soda Muddle the basil and simple syrup in a high ball glass. Fill the glass with ice and then add the vodka, lime juice and club […]

Russian Standard Gold Part Two: Tangier Tangerine

Tangerine dream, bitches. Now that we’ve properly BLOWN YOUR FUCKIN’ MIND we can move along to the cocktail tonight. Man. Tangier Tangerine 2 oz Russian Standard Gold Vodka 2 oz tangerine juice .25 oz lime juice Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass […]

Russian Standard Gold Part Two: Golden Russian

This cocktail seems to be oddly fitting, at least when you compare the name of the cocktail with the name of the vodka we’re using for its base. Golden Russian 1.5 Russian Standard Gold Vodka 1 oz Galliano 1/2 tsp fresh lime juice Combine ingredients over ice in a rocks glass. Stir gently.

Russian Standard Gold Part One: The Taste Test

Here we are again with another ultra-premium base spirit. And while we’re not sure if we’ve just been listening to Watch the Throne too much lately (it has been on repeat in the test bar essentially since it came out), but the next two week’s came in a package that would make Kanye and the […]


We continue tonight with creating classic cocktails substituting their classic base with tequila. Tonight we have the Tequini, which is a twist on the Dirty Martini made with tequila instead of the standard gin. A cocktail like this is good because it lets the quality of the tequila stand out. You’ll want to make sure […]

Don Julio Blanco Part Two (Cocktails): Mexicali

As part of the recent increased interest in tequila cocktails, it’s became somewhat en vogue to take other classic cocktails and simply replace their base liquor with tequila. For example, a classic Tom Collins would become a Juan Collins. Which, by the way, if you google Juan Collins it comes up with a man who […]