Adonis Cocktail

You’re definitely going to want a brighter dry sherry to stand up against the heaviness of the Carpano Antica. Cocktails like the Adonis are a great introduction to sherry-based cocktails.

Addington Cocktail

Low ABV cocktails are all the rage in the US right now, and with good reason. This classic cocktail from The Savoy Cocktail Book combines sweet and dry vermouth for a lovely, balanced, low-ABV treat.

The Abbey Cocktail

The Abbey Cocktail is the first cocktail that appears in The Savoy Cocktail Book. It features dry gin, (the no longer available) Kina Lillet, fresh orange juice, and Angostura bitters.

A New Year. A New Project

I feel like I should return to the original impetus of the Cocktails, 365 blog. That is – making a unique cocktail every single day for 365 days. Today, we’re introducing the Savoy Project.