Addington Cocktail

The Savoy Project Day Two – Addington Cocktail

The Savoy Project is an online chronicle of Cocktails, 365 editor Mark A. Vierthaler’s quest to make every single cocktail in The Savoy Cocktail Book. Each recipe contains the original recipe as it appeared in the book, as well as which brand Mark used in parenthesis next to the ingredient.

Addington Cocktail | ® 2017 Cocktails 365

Addington Cocktail | ® 2017 Cocktails 365

Shake well and strain into a medium-sized glass and fill with soda water. Squeeze orange peel on top.

Mark’s Notes:

Low ABV cocktails are all the rage in the US now, and with good reason. If we’re being honest with ourselves about a high-quality cocktails being geared to an enjoyable sensory experience versus getting shitcanned as fast as possible, it makes sense that low-ABV cocktails should be given a place at the table.

Unfortunately vermouth is often relegated to the cheap garbage that you let linger and molder behind the bar, only being busted out for the occasional Martini or Manhattan. A high-quality vermouth, however, should be used like any other key ingredient – feature it prominently and let it own the spotlight.

The Carpano Antica is a powerful and absolutely bonkers sweet vermouth that will offer a nice, silky layer on the bottom. The Martini & Rossi Extra Dry helps cut through some of the sweeter bits of the Carpano so you end up with a nice balance with a consistently heavy mouthfeel.

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