Bitters and Shrubs, Warren Bobrow, and a Bottle of Rum

Episode 2 of Three Cups Deep

Warren Bobrow

Photo Courtesy Warren Bobrow

Photo Courtesy Warren Bobrow

Behind the every cocktail there is a story. A bit of writing, a bit of prose, a bit of a thread of a narrative that each drinker or mixologist or author ascribes, enhances, and then deepens and expands.

It’s that story, just as much as the recipe, that author Warren Bobrow is interested in. Warren is a mixologist, chef, and writer who goes by the moniker the Cocktail Whisperer. Warren is the master mixologist for several brands, and has written three outstanding cocktail books in the past three years.

He has three books you can right now on Amazon – Apothecary Cocktails, Whiskey Cocktails, and Bitters and Shrubs.

Warren is also a longtime friend of Cocktails, 365 and one of the first supporters of the site, as well as me when I first got into the business.

The Solera Process

In this episode we talk about the solera aging process used in making spirits. Here’s a rundown of the process that Papa’s Pilar says they use, for a visual of the solera process.

Image Courtesy Papa's Pilar

Image Courtesy Papa’s Pilar

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