REVIEW – FEW Bourbon Whiskey

DISCLOSUREIt is Cocktails, 365′s policy that it always disclose when we receive samples of liquor to review for the Website. As we tell those who offer samples: we will accept the liquor for review, but that does not guarantee a positive review. Listed below are the opinions of Cocktails, 365 and no one else. And always, thanks and drink up!


Cocktails, 365 Rating: ★★★★☆

One of the things that attracted us to the FEW Bourbon was its higher rye content, combined with its the roasted malt mash bill. We prefer a spicier bourbon at Cocktails, 365 and so we naturally gravitate to the higher rye content bourbons. The bourbon is then finished in charred oak barrels. At 93 proof, it packs a pleasant bite for the more discerning bourbon drinker.


Heavy oak notes right up front, with a bit of astringent on the back-end. Surprisingly herbal, with bits of clove and cinnamon with a bit of sugar on the end.


The corn comes up front with a pleasant grain bite. The oak lingers on the end, with a bit of sweetness. Its alcohol bite isn’t as harsh as the nose would suggest, but it’s still powerful. Bits of white pepper. The spicy-to-sweetness is kind of brilliant.

On the Rocks

The ice really makes the sweetness much more pronounced. It really brings out the oak, but it finishes strong with the spice. This is a very unique bourbon, but I kind of love it for its uniqueness. The mouthfeel is a bit thin, considering how heavy it smells. There is a pleasant spice that lingers and buzzes on the tongue.


Definitely not the ideal bourbon to introduce a newcomer, but for a small batch American, it’s a bit of brilliance, if not wholly balanced.

Mark Vierthaler is the founder and Editor of Cocktails, 365. His work appeared in The Tasting Panel Magazine, Savvy Host,, and countless other websites and blogs. He is Bar Smarts certified, and works with bars and restaurants in cocktail creation and pairing. To contact him, e-mail


  1. Great Review!

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