When we’re reviewing new liquors we always like to head over to the distiller’s website to see how they recommend their spirits be served. It would usually serve to reason that they would offer some pretty great drinks, as they are the ones that have the closest hands in the product from start finish.

However, we always like to give them our own unique twists to make them distinctly “Cocktails, 365.”

And by distinctly Cocktails, 365 we naturally packed full of high-quality, nutritious booze!

Our Kind of Party!

Our Kind of Party!

This is modified from the original Starry Night recipe that appeared on the Van Gogh website.

  • 2 oz Van Gogh Açaí-Blueberry Vodka
  • Absinthe for rinsing
  • Prosecco to top
  • Anise star for garnish

Rinse a rocks glass with the absinthe and then pour out. Place an ice ball in the rocks glass then top with the prosecco. Swirl the glass, then garnish it with the anise star.


The absinthe is only very light on the end, with the majority of the flavor coming from the Açaí-Blueberry flavors, lightened by the crispness of the prosecco.

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