The Great 40 Experiment – Mickey’s

We’re pretty sure Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor has a typo in its name.

“Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor.”

We’re at least 90 percent sure that should read “Fine. Malt liquor!” You can hear the desperation on the label.

Now, our knowledge of Mickey’s is a little more in-depth than Colt 45. After all, Mickey’s was the go-to malt liquor for several players on the University of Kansas Ice Hockey team back during our day.


Color: Deep amber color. Nice head.

Nose: More metallic than the Colt 45, it doesn’t have same sweet corn scents.

Taste: Actually not that bad. There is that same lingering metallic taste on the end, but overall it’s not a bad lager!

As such, we’ll mix it up with something that’s known to please crowds.


  • 2 oz 12-year-old Deanston Singlemalt Scotch
  • 3 dashes Peychaud’s
  • Mickey’s Malt Liquor to top

Build the drink in a rocks glass with an ice ball. Garnish with a spring of mint.




  1. need to drink this under a bridge out of a rusty pail…

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