UV Sugar Crush Vodka – It’s bad!

You know, we’ve broken rank with the cocktail illuminati (cockillati?) on several occasions. Most noticeably on the whole “flavored vodka” thing. You see, most who mix (or at least mix well) find flavored vodkas anathema to the idea of a well-made cocktail. They’re often over-flavored, sugary pieces of treacle that are barely recognizable as their supposed flavors.


Mmmm… Orange vodka!

This, however, isn’t always the case. After all, there are some absolutely outstanding flavored vodkas out on the market (such as Da Vinci).

However, there are some that make me feel like an ass for defending flavored vodkas.

The new UV Sugar Crush is one of those.

Now, don’t get me wrong, UV occasionally gets things right. The UV Coconut is basically like and entire pina colada in a bottle – no need to mix. And when I’m anchoring my corner in the fourth hour at the swim up bar in Mazatlán and I need something that’s literally one ingredients plus ice.

But then there are flavors that are simply to weird too live.

Flavors, like UV Sugar Crush, have no right to be included in a bar. When your vodka tastes like ground up pixie sticks passed through a hobo’s endocrine system, filtered through a wig, you’ve gone off the beaten bath.

Pull it back in, UV. Pull it back in.

When even mixing you with orange soda can’t remove your stank, you’re working on a losing premise.

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