George Dickel White Corn Whisky #1

There’s something special about moonshine. It’s the purest form of the liquid we’ve all come to adore so much. Unadulterated, unfettered, it’s the virgin expression of the base spirit that we all strive for. At least when it’s done right. If not, it’s a screaming hellfire on earth that leaves you dying among the bushes, filth in your pants, and bruises on your elbows from you’re not sure where.

But, when done right, it’s like a sweet choir of angels has come down from the clouds and anointed us with their blessed tears.

One such beautiful angel tear expression is George Dickel White Corn Whiskey #1.

If you only Jack, you don't know Dick... el...

If you only Jack, you don’t know Dick… el…

George Dickel White Corn Whisky #1 is the Tennessee whisky maker’s unaged offer. While the profile of moonshine continues to grow, few have actually done it right.

George Dickel is one of the few that has done this beautiful bit of moonlight wonder justice.

Nose: Like liquid bread with hints of marshmallow on the end.

Neat: Beautifully spicy from the higher rye content, with a brilliant sweetness to finish.

On the Rocks: Adds just a little bit more depth on the end and brings out the very distinct corn flavors.


  1. I’m always satisfied with Dickel’s offerings, especially for the price – as good as stuff that costs 2-3x as much. I’ll have to give this a try.

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