Real McCoy 5-Year Rum

Back in my college days, before I really knew my ass from a hole in the ground, I decided to drunk on rum and cokes. I mean, offensively drunk. Not only that, I decided it would be a great idea to eat crawfish étouffée from a less-than-trustworthy Cajun restaurant. Long story short, I decided it would be a wonderful life experience to have both alcohol poisoning and food poisoning on the same night. In fact, it was so educational, it lasted an entire week!

At some point, the food poisoning and hangover simply blurred together into one miasma of bodily fluids.

But that’s neither here nor there.

It’s for the best, really

Needless to say, it was actually some time after my graduation from college that I was finally able to approach rum without dry heaves and whirling hallucinations of laughing Cajuns. However, once those waves finally receded, I was pleased to discover that not only was rum still delicious, the marketplace had continued to grow with more rum brands than you really count.

Despite the harrowing experiences of the past, rum has once again garnered a place in our liquor cabinet and test bar. And while silver rum was our go-to in the past, our tastes have matured a bit and started to veer more towards the aged.

So, we jumped at the chance to review the Real McCoy 5 Year Rum.

Nose: Deep molasses scent. Sugary, with a pleasant bit of alcohol smell right on the end.

Neat: Sweet. Tropical. Very, very smooth. Pleasant bit of heaviness that gives it some clout on the tongue. Lingers for a bit.

On the Rocks: The oak flavors really open up. Sweetness grows, but the wood becomes much more apparent.

Verdict: An exceedingly pleasant aged rum that holds it own without being harsh or overly sweet.


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