Feliz Navidad

It’s the afternoon of December 24. You have a party you’re hosting in just a few short hours. What do you do? You could panic, or you could bust out this super simple cocktail recipe perfect for parties and super festive!

Feliz Navidad

  • 1 oz Peligroso Silver Tequila
  • Jarritos Lime soda to top
  • Jarritos Fruit Punch soda to top
  • Powdered tamarind and cinnamon for rims

Rim eight sample-sized martini glasses with the powdered tamarind/cinnamon mix. Put 1 oz of Peligroso Silver Tequila in each of the glasses. Top glasses with the Jarritos Lime and Fruit Punch sodas, alternating with each glass so you get a red and green pattern.


unnamed (1)

Place them on a tray and serve around your party. Make sure both the tequila and soda are ice cold, as this drink doesn’t get shaken up at any point.

Merry Christmas! (Eve)!


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