Lady Agatha

The Depot Theater Company has just finished its outstanding, nigh-sold-out run of A Party to Murder by Marcia Kash and Douglas E. Hughes! That means that Cocktails, 365 was behind the bar at Imbibe! at the Depot Theater for another meal/cocktail pairing.

This time around we decided to play around with the fall settings of the show (and the dreary rainy days of autumn gracing our presences in actuality) as well as the character’s constant references to Dame Agatha Christie who inspired the play itself.

Dame Agatha Christie

Lady Agatha

Fill a rocks glass to the top of the lip with filtered ice. Top with the pepper infused vodka, syrups, lemon oil, and maraschino. Stir well. Top with the Crispin and stir several times again. Garnish with an apple wheel and serve.

Lady Agatha. Perfect for a chilled Halloween evening.

Lady Agatha. Perfect for a chilled Halloween evening.

(If you can’t get your hands on the Crispin, Angry Orchard Traditional Dry will work in a pinch. It’s not nearly as pleasant or as balanced as the Crispin, but it’s a good site better than Woodchuck.

This cocktail was paired with apple walnut salad with a poppy-seed dressing, roast pork loin stuffed with cherry and spinach, steamed mixed vegetables, French Petit Pain Roll, and traditional stuffing.

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