Devil’s Delight Cocktail

August 10, 2013 (Day 93) – Devil’s Delight Cocktail

This version of the recipe appears in the 1935 book What Shall We Drink by Magnus Bredenbek.

  • 1 oz scotch whiskey
  • 1 oz Bacardi rum
  • 1 oz orange bitters
  • 1 tablespoon gum syrup

(Quick note: 1 oz of orange bitters is a bit ridiculous. We’d recommend just using three or four drops while mixing)

Shake thoroughly and pour into a cocktail glass.

Devil's Delight Cocktail

Devil’s Delight Cocktail


  1. […] appears in What Shall We Drink by Magnus Bredenbek (1934). It serves as a companion drink to the Devil’s Delight we featured […]

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