Gin-Basil Smash

A classic that still remains one of our most-read cocktails!

Cocktails, 365

April 23, 2010 (Day 83) — Gin-Basil Smash

I’m pretty sure around the time I originally started this little project, I made some sort of comment towards the effect of the resurgence in cocktailism — which I’m perfectly aware isn’t actually a word.

Hendrick’s Gin — which, as I’ve mentionedbefore, is Jenn and I’s No. 1 favorite gin, hands down — contact me via Twitter today, asking what my next Hendrick’s-based cocktail might be. Well, who am I to say no to the guy who runs the Twitter account of my favorite gin? So, I asked them if they had anything unusual to recommend. They pointed me in the direction of the Gin-Basil Smash.

One major player in the recent revival has been Le Lion in Hamburg, Germany. According to Jörg Meyer, the bartender that invented this drink, he was inspired by the whiskey smashes that he would…

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