Bar and Shield – Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary Cocktail

We’re unabashed motorcycle enthusiasts here at Cocktails, 365. While we (obviously) never recommend indulging in our two favorite past times at the SAME time, there are few things we find more relaxing than cracking open a beer, putting on the work clothes and tinkering around on the bikes in our stable.

That’s why we’re always happy to see motorcycle companies celebrating milestones. Particularly what some may consider the most identifiable motorcycle brand – Harley-Davidson.

The company is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, with some pretty gorgeous special edition bikes. We decided we would like to commemorate right alongside the Harley-Davidson crew so we went ahead and crafted our own original cocktail to celebrate the birthday of the Hog.





Harley-Davidson is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based motorcycle company, so it only seemed fitting to craft a cocktail out of another famous Milwaukee brand. We also chose to focus on the colors made so famous by HD.

  • 1.5 oz Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey (Black)
  • 1.5 oz Phillips Union Vanilla Bourbon Whiskey (Gold)
  • One can Milwaukee’s Best Beer (Hometown Beer)
  • Orange slice for garnish (Orange)

Combine the three ingredients in a pint glass and serve up.



This modified boiler maker packs an extra powerful punch, and the harsh maltiness of the Milwaukee’s Best is evened out with the smoothness of the Gentleman Jack and the sweetness of the Phillip’s Union.

Feel free to sip this punch in the teeth while working on the bike, just make sure you double-check your work after you sober up. And, for the love of everything holy, don’t get on your bike after having one of these.

Keep riding.


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