Campari Part One: Taste Test

As we head into the end of September, that also means we approach the opening of another show at the local live theater, Depot Theater Company.

This particular production of The Mousetrap is being directed by my wife and Cocktails, 365 executive editor, Jenn. That means that I’m in charge of the cocktail menu for the opening night gala party. We’re hoping to re-start a grand tradition of celebrating another openin’ of another show. After all, it’s not often that community theaters are able to survive 30 years.

It’s an October show. It’s a murder mystery. That means that blood-red is the only color to use in these cocktails.

Campari fits the bill quite nicely.



Price: $33

Nose: Strong bitter scent right up front. Nice and earthy.

Neat: The sweetness is right up front, sugary without being syrupy. The earthy bitterness hits like a fright train right on the end and lingers on the back of the tongue.

Rocks: The water brings some of the bitter notes forward so it’s not sweet and the BLAMMO-style bitter.


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