Godiva Vodkas Part Three: The Verdict

Two weeks down with some delicious cocktails under out belt. So, we come to this final crossroads. We look both ways and decide – is it worth $30-odd a pop for the Godiva Vodkas? Now, without a doubt the Godiva liqueurs are worth their price (right around $33). However, how about when it becomes a […]

Godiva Vodkas Part Two: Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Cream Dr. Pepper

The Chocolate Vanilla Cream Dr. Pepper is pretty damn amazing. What happens when you switch out the vodka for a raspberry chocolate vodka? Joyful things happen. Amazing, delightful things. 2 oz Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka 1.5 oz heavy cream 1 oz vanilla syrup 1 tsp chocolate syrup 1 small call Dr. Pepper Combine the vodka, […]