Hendrick’s Gin Part Two: Traditional Martini

The true history of the Martini is shrouded in mystery, which truthfully only seems fitting. After all, isn’t it the mystery of it all that draws the thoughts back towards the quality of the creation as opposed to the origin?

After all, no one is entirely sure when and where the wheel was invented. We can just all agree that it is an absolutely outstanding invention.

The same goes for the Martini. In fact, there are those of us at Cocktails, 365 who would argue that the only thing that sets the wheel above the Martini is the wheel’s ability to get us closer to said concoction.

It is generally estimated that the Martini was an evolution of the Martinez. It is also widely accepted that for it to be a true, traditional Martini there can only be three items involved – gin, dry vermouth, an olive for garnish.

It was Winston Churchill who famously said that the best Martini is to simply drink gin straight while looking at a bottle of vermouth. Unconventional wisdom aside, there is some ring of truth to the lack of vermouth. You want just a touch of vermouth.

Here’s our recommended way to prepare a traditional Martini.

  • 2 oz Hendrick’s gin, frozen
  • 1 dash dry vermouth, frozen
  • One green olive for garnish

Splash the frozen vermouth in a chilled martini glass, swirl around and then dump the vermouth down the sink. Pour the two ounces frozen Hendrick’s into the glass and then gently swirl to combine the flavors. Sip slowly.


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