Godiva Vodkas Part One: The Test Test

We’re going to take you on a double-whammy ride over the next two weeks. Rather than offering up one separate liquor review, we’re going to take a look at Godiva’s two newest boozy-iterations – their infused vodkas. Now, Godiva (at least in the cocktail world) is known for their rather excellent range of liqueurs. They decided to step up and put on their big girl panties for their newest incarnations, however.

That’s right, this time around they’re trying to get into the vodka game.

We will look at the only two that are currently out: the chocolate infused vodka and chocolate raspberry infused vodka. These two bottles retail in the $30 area.

Up first, the standard Chocolate Vodka.


Strong chocolate scent up front. There’s a bit of a hint of grain alcohol on the end of it, almost like everclear. It could, however, just be the chocolate flavor lingering with the alcohol.


Okay, so while nose made us a bit nervous, diving right in it’s got a great flavor. There’s no grain alcohol flavors on the front or the end. It has a healthy, strong chocolate flavor without being syrupy sweet. Could easily be drunk neat after spending some time in the freezer. Reminds us of a fudgesicle.

On the Rocks:

Even smoother. It looses some of the intensity of the chocolate flavor but still holds up well.

And now for the Chocolate Raspberry.


Raspberry is definitely the strongest scent here. It doesn’t smell syrupy sweet like a sugar cube fucked a raspberry. We don’t get much chocolate off this whiff, but you also don’t have the grain alcohol scent we seemed to notice in the standard chocolate. This leads us to believe the chocolate scent just had some weird side effects on the scent.


Strong, strong raspberry flavor. Not nearly so sickly sweet as you’d expect from liqueurs. The chocolate follows up on the end. It does have a similar clean and crisp finish. Sweeter than the standard chocolate.

On the Rocks:

Like the chocolate, the flavors are lessened. It still seems to hold up rather well. It doesn’t taste as balanced as the chocolate did by itself. Raspberry is a hard flavor to get right in liquors.

The true test is yet to come: how do they mix?

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