Don Julio Blanco Part One: The Taste Test

For an entire year we didn’t even touch upon tequila. There’s actually a very good reason for that – cheap tequila tends to be terrible. There are things you kind of say “Okay, the cost isn’t worth it for the taste difference.” Tequila is not one of those products. That’s not to say that every single expensive sipping tequila is really worth it. There are certain top shelf brands that we wouldn’t be caught dead sipping.

But is Don Julio one of them? That’s what we aim to discover over the next two weeks.

As usual, we start talking about Don Julio with a bit of history on the brand.

Tequila Don Julio is a celebration of two Mexicos: the past and the exciting future. Tequila Don Julio comes from a tradition of pride in craftsmanship and yet it is also a vital part of a new Mexico. A Mexico in the center of the world stage. As connoisseurs across the world discover a Mexico that is exciting and vibrant, they are discovering a tequila that is the definition of luxury and craftsmanship.

Much like Johnny Walker and Jameson Irish Whiskey, there is an actual person behind the Don Julio name.

Don Julio González began his journey in the world of tequila in 1942. He soon realized that to create a tequila that stands apart, one must control every aspect of the process, from the cultivation of the agave to the bottling of the final product. He then established his distillery, La Primavera, and spent nearly forty years perfecting the craft that would produce extraordinary tequila with every bottle.

At first, Don Julio only shared his tequila with friends. But soon word spread, and Tequila Don Julio quickly became the most sought after tequila in Mexico. Today, the world is learning what Mexico already knows: that it is passion above all else that makes a great tequila.

Don Julio, much like other tequila brands, comes in several iterations on the age range from out of the still to barrel aged. These are:

  • Blanco
  • Repasado
  • Anejo

They also have several special iterations that top their premium lists.

Does it match the price for a top shelf liquor? Well, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find any of the versions of Don Julio for less than $40.

This week we’re focusing on the blanco – the unaged tequila.


Strong agave scents with a clean finish on the end. None of the headiness you can get from cheaper tequila.


Very powerful. The agave flavor is intense right up front with citrus notes and then ends clean without nasty-ass film on the mouth.

On the Rocks:

The agave and citrus flavors hold up well up front, some of the harshness you get while neat goes away. If the ice melts too much, you lose some of the power of the flavors.

Wednesday’s Cocktail:

Tequila Mojito.


— Mark

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