Mandarine Napoleon Part 3: The Verdict

Editor’s Note: We were having issues getting this posted on its Friday date. However, it was written up and to be posted on Friday morning.

Okay, two weeks down and we’ve crafted a good amount of cocktails. The best ones found their ways onto the pages here at Cocktails, 365. The ones that weren’t so good will go down into history. The history of my cocktail exploration notebook.

But, now we come down to the question — is Mandarine Napoleon worth the $30+ price tag.

We’re going to actually do a bit of a cop out. We’ll give you a case for and a case against.

The Case Against:

I find it hard to justify spending this amount of money on a liqueur. There are a good number of orange liqueurs out there that are excellent and won’t break the bank; many of them under $15. Orange liqueur is more often than not used as a background singer to the lead singer main ingredients. (Think Gladys Knight and the Pips). While those orange liqueurs may not be as smooth as Mandarine Naploeon, a highly-skilled bartender can adjust them to create a delicious cocktail.

The Case For:

Mandarine Napoleon is truly unlike any orange liqueur we’ve ever tasted or use. Most orange liqueurs can be mostly interchangeable. Mandarine Napoleon, however, added a unique lightness that kept it in the background, yet was able to power through some of the heavier liquors we used with it. It truly is a quality ingredients that, deep down, is worth the price tag. This distinct flavor, lightness and hint of bitterness makes stand out from the other orange liqueurs out there.


— Mark

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