Xante 365: Delice A L’orange

Good afternoon folks; glad to be back on the scene with Cocktails, 365. It’s been a long time since we’ve been on this site as a writer, but things have been busy in the DrinkxXx On Me world. Our newest endeavor is that we are working with a liqueur called Xanté.

Xanté is a premium spirit, based on cognac from specially chosen French distilleries, with the sweet taste of pears infused to perfection.  It’s the power of the pear that adds the prominent taste and the otherworldly scent that makes Xanté unique.  The pears are released to fuse in a romantic chamber in the south of Sweden. This process results in natural sweetening and allows the sugar content to remain at 17%.

Xanté contains no artificial ingredients and is matured for four years in barrels made of French limousine oak, adding a final hint of sweet vanilla. Xanté is normally consumed neat or on ice in a cognac snifter, chilled in a frozen martini glass — or why not as a shot, paired with a glass of champagne? It’s also the perfect ingredient in a number of refreshing cocktail variations, cold as well as hot; for instance a Mojito, Sidecar and Hot Apple.

Now on to the fun part of what makes Cocktails 365, what it is… THE COCKTAILS.

Now Xante has many drinks on its website (www.drinkxante.com) but since I was approached to work with the brand here is one of my cocktails that I added to the repertoire.

I present.

Delice A L’orange

  • 1.5 oz Xanté
  • .75 oz Domain de Canton Ginger Liqueur
  • .50 Fresh Squeezed Orange juice
  • Float of North Shore Distillery Aquavit
  • Garnish with a fresh orange slice

One word: Delicious! The ginger liqueur plays very well with the pear, and you get a full feel of how good the Xanté can be when used as the base of the cocktails.

Want to find out more about Xanté, by all means check out the website.

If you want to know where I’ll be serving up Xanté and hosting events where you can taste cocktails like this and some others that I’m cooking up, by all means shoot me an email at joshdavis@mrmixologist.net and check out my Facebook page www.Facebook.com/DOMBartendingService

Until Next time,

Josh Davis



  1. Where in hell do I get all these ingrediets? I’ll check at the NH Liquor Store.

  2. Can these ingredients be obtained at a NH Liquor Store?


  1. […] it and change it up but, I LOVE the way it turned out. It was 1st featured on Cocktails, 365 ( https://cocktails365.net/2012/05/03/xante-365-delice-a-lorange/ ), but I went back into the lab and made it more of a long drink, fitting for some of the hot […]

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