February 27, 2012 — PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur

Within the past few years, pomegranate has been the hot item in the health food world. With claims of super powerful antioxidants to claims that it truly could be the second-coming of Sir Jesus Christ, it has been played out in many ways. Which is a shame, when you think about it, because it really is a delicious and versatile fruit.

It’s the primary ingredients in that bar staple, grenadine, so we figure we were over due to try our hands at mixing some drinks with PAMA.


Bright, crisp almost citrusy scent with no lingering sugary hints.


Surprisingly tart. We were expecting something more along the lines of grenadine, however this isn’t nearly as sweet.

On the Rocks:

The tartness mellows, but retains its distinctive flavoring.


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