FEATURED BEST BUY BOOZE: Dickel Cascade Hollow Tennessee Whiskey

January 23, 2012 — Dickel Cascade Hollow Tennessee Whiskey

There’s a bit of a disconnect when it comes to the casual drinker not understanding the difference between bourbon and Tennessee whisky. To be clear — Jack Daniels isn’t bourbon. It’s Tennessee whisky.

By the same token, Dickel isn’t bourbon. Dickel is Tennessee whisky. And they have balls, which is awesome. Because here’s their awesome tagline:

“If you only know Jack, you don’t know Dickel.”



Now, there are a couple different iterations of Dickel that you can pick up, most them under out $25 price point. However, we’re going to be focusing this week on Cascade Hollow.

Some history on the Cascade Hollow iteration:

Cascade Hollow has only come on the scene within the past several years as the budget solution to the Cascade Line. And at $14 a bottle, you have to wonder if they haven’t perhaps shot themselves in the foot. The good news is — they haven’t. It’s excellent, and at such a low price, you really can’t pick up a better tasting Tennessee whisky for a lower price.


Burnination. Tat’s good though. There’s a spicy, peppery scent with strong hints of oak, similar to rye.


Like other Tennessee whiskies, it’s not as sweet as bourbon, but no as spicy as rye.

On the Rocks:

Smoother, still a bit bitey. Very pleasant and you truthfully can’t beat the taste for the price.


— Mark


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