January 16, 2012 — Sobieski

I’ve come to call the different vodka brands vying for supremacy “The Vodka Wars.” Each brand tries to trump the others on fancy processes, flavors, ingredients, organics, etc. It’s refreshing to see someone bring a rapier to the fight and make quick work.

Okay, that’s a bit of a muddled metaphor, but it seems to adequately describe the path that Sobieski has taken. Sobieski is a Polish vodka that retails around the $10 mark. Now, this would traditionally mean that it’s meant for the “drunks in the gutter” pile. However, if this year has taught us anything, it’s that there are some great liquors hidden behind modest prices.

Sobieski’s entire pitch is that it’s straight up good vodka. Nothing fancy. Just high-quality. We like that attitude. It doesn’t hurt that the brand has the oomph they claim they do.

Earlier this year we reviewed the Sobieski Karamel which features a similar price. It was a cheaper — and delicious — alternative to the $30+ Van Gogh Caramel. But how does the standard Sobieski compare?


Sweet, with some hints of vanilla. Clean finish.


There’s a bite up front, that dissolves quickly on the tongue.

On the Rocks:

The hints of vanilla come out out, while maintaining a low profile so that it will be a solid backup for almost any cocktail that you want full control over the flavors.


  1. Eli Segelman says:

    My 1st bottle of Sobieski Vodka and find it a smooth double shot. I am sure that I will buy another bottle when the time comes.

  2. Liz jelenic says:

    I am a vodka virgin…never have developed a following of things like Stoli when I was coming up, then it was Absolute, then it was Skye, but having tasted the chi-chi Pravda…(bought it cuz I’m Polish and the bottle is pretty), I don’t ever need to go back. Sobieski is what Vodka is all about, and Polish is what Vodka is…Na strowie….my first cocktail is a gimeltini, and have lots and lots of ideas hence….my only worry is, who cares about Grey Goose, Ketel one, Belevdere,Pravda….i’m in love with my Polish roots…I love SObieski…(and being a frugal, pracitical Pole, the price can’t be beat.)

  3. Absolutely (har) an amazing value. I try to make a point of indulging in fine experiences, cuz life is brutally short; when I find an intoxicating experience that’s affordable enough to enjoy daily, I consider it a small miracle. As a musician of modest means, my celebrations are built on small miracles like Sobieski. In the spirit of sharing some more good news, check out Ezra Brooks’ bourbon, a surprisingly smooth yet complex and satisfying sipping whiskey (with notes of vanilla, caramel and leather) that can often be found for just under $16.


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