ORIGINAL — Malibu Brewery

January 3, 2012 (Day 280) — Malibu Brewery

Occasionally we’ve talked about the mystical world of “Beertails.” Beertails, you see, are cocktails that feature beer as the main ingredients. Now, this is much harder than it sounds, as beer is such a complex type of drink that to able to find the proper ingredients to mix it with, you run the huge risk of completely cocking up and ruining both the beer and the other ingredients.

We love beertails, especially because of the danger and challenge they present.

Tonight’s drink is a beertail, with a distinct heavy, winter feel.

Malibu Brewery

  • 2 oz Malibu Black Rum
  • 1 bottle chocolate (or coffee) stout

Combine ingredients in a pint glass with no ice. Stir very gently, with your stirrer at the very bottom of the glass. This will gently bring the rum up into the drink without flaring up and losing all the carbonation.


— Mark

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