January 2, 2012 — Malibu Black

We’ve covered the traditional Malibu Coconut Rum on these pages in the past. Malibu Black is essentially an older, more mature version of the original Malibu. Malibu is a drunk sorority girl throwing up on the sidewalk. Malibu Black is the slightly less drunk sorority girl holing the other girl’s hair back.

A tasty vision, we realize. What we’re getting at, actually, is that Malibu Black is still very much a partier’s type of base liquor — it’s sweet, it’s smooth, and it can be easily taken down both as a shot as well as mixed in cocktails. It’s not nearly as sweet, and it’s a higher proof. It seems like a good, solid choice to ring in the new year with.


The scent is still very sweet. There’s a more pronounced harshness on the end, but the coconut and vanilla scents are still very strong.


Again, it is still very sweet, almost more liqueur than liquor. However, some of that cloying saccharine flavor has been tempered by the higher proof.

On the Rocks:

A bit of the bite is gone, with the coconut taking a more present role. Again, there are some prominent vanilla hints.


— Mark

On the Rocks:


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