A Very Tequila New Years

So, you’ve settled in for a long winter’s nap? Hell no! It’s New Year’s Eve – get out there and live it up a little bit. Although, for the love of everything that is holy, please be sensible about it. The mix of revelers and snow is not a safe one. And, as always, we […]

Cocktails, 365; Girard-Perregaux and Fashion – A Match Made in Heaven

Girard-Perregaux is one of the world’s leading ultra-luxury watch brands. So, it only really seems to make sense that back in March they decided to offer a companion piece to other major men’s fashion magazines and launched their own website – Mechanics of Style. As they on the site: “What” we are is simple: Mechanics […]

The Cocktail Deeva: A Christmas Cocktail

I am currently fixing Santa some Cocktails. No worries, he doesn’t Sleigh and Drink. I will get back to you as soon as I get back from the North Pole and sober up… that Mrs. Clause sure knows how to throw it down. In the mean time shake your self up a fab cocktail! Gorgeous […]

Christmas Eve Fire-Off: Sazerac’s Fireball vs. Hood River’s SinFire

Happy Christmas Eve! There won’t be an update tomorrow, as we will be spending our day with friends and family. Tonight is time to snuggle up with that special someone by a crackling fire and indulge in some adult libations. We recent got our hands on Hood River’s SinFire – a cinnamon whisky that is […]


Bar and Shield – Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary Cocktail

We’re unabashed motorcycle enthusiasts here at Cocktails, 365. While we (obviously) never recommend indulging in our two favorite past times at the SAME time, there are few things we find more relaxing than cracking open a beer, putting on the work clothes and tinkering around on the bikes in our stable. That’s why we’re always […]

Mezcal, Lime, Cilantro, Negra Modelo

We’re huge fans of beertails. This one sounds excellent.

The Botanist Dry Islay Dry Gin Part One: The Taste Test

So, we were legitimately fascinated when we first came across information about The Botanist. You see, it was using terminology that we have more often come to associate with scotches more than gins. Which stands to reason, actually, at The Botanist comes from the Bruichladdich distillery along the Rhinns in Islay. Scotch is their bread and butter. In fact, their scotch […]

Campari Part Three: The Verdict

So, we here at Cocktails, 365 are often wary of recommending expensive liqueurs. They don’t often take center stage of the cocktail, and you can get away with some really solid liqueurs that aren’t too ridicolous. As such, you know you can always rely on us for our recommendation on the higher-end liqueurs and bitters. We say, […]

Campari Part Two: The Nightmare

Okay, so at the beginning of last week, we talked about the opening of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. And, if we recall correctly, we also mentioned creating a cocktail for that show. And so we did! We have an opening night party coming up next week when the show opens, and today’s cocktail will be […]