December 19, 2011 — Goldschläger

Novelty booze has its place in every bar. They can create a sense of fun that standard liquors can’t.

For perspective, I think of the boozy whipped cream that saw a boost in popularity this past summer. They were all awkward sexual encounters just waiting to happen.


One I’ve always been a little tickled by, however, has been Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps. Here’s the thing about Goldschlager (German for “Gold beater”); it’s major selling point is that it has real gold flakes in eat. In fact, that boast is even bigger than the Goldschlager seal itself.


Why gold flakes? Well, an urban legend says that it was to produce little cuts on the drinkers throat in order to get the booze into the blood system faster. Snopes put the kibosh on that theory several years ago. Truthfully, the gold is just there to look fancy and float around, dazzling people like myself who are easily distracted by shiny objects.

Editor-in-Chief Mark Vierthaler

At roughly $20 a bottle, however, it’s a novelty booze that fits well within our best-buy-booze criteria. Also, with it being Christmas week, we felt that something heavy like cinnamon with some bright shiny gold flakes would be perfect for some Christmas cocktails.


Strong cinnamon flavor with sugary after scents.


Strong cinnamon flavor with a stronger balance than some other cinnamon schnapps we’ve had in the past. A bit of a bitter bite on the end.

On the Rocks:

The bitterness has subsided, and you’re left with a heavy, sugary cinnamon schnapps.


— Mark


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