FEATURED BEST BUY BOOZE: Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon

December 5, 2011 — Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon

My bro David Bailey would be proud of this week’s featured best buy booze.

You see, David is a bit of a cigar and whiskey aficionado. Evan Williams is one of his favorite best buy picks for cocktail mixing.

Some history on the Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon from the Heaven Hill Distillery:

As America’s second-largest selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Evan Williams honors the man recognized as Kentucky’s First Distiller, who set up his stills in 1783 on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville. Evan Williams Black Label, 86 proof, was a Silver Medalist at the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition, defeating brands costing four or five times its price. It is a nationally and internationally known Bourbon, with distribution in select markets in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

It’s also between $7 and $13 depending on where you can find it. If ever there was an under-priced bourbon, this is it.


Sweet with hints of caramel and not much of a harsh alcohol scent.


Very strong okay flavor. There’s a powerful bite up front, but it finishes smoothly.

On the Rocks:

Smooth and sweet. The coldness takes away some of the oak, which can be overpowering at times if you’re not a fan.


You really can’t get a better bourbon for the price. It’s easy on the palate and mixes well in cocktails.


— Mark


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