November 28, 2011 — Yellow Tail Moscato

With the holiday season in full swing, we’ll be taking a look at Yellow Tail’s Moscato — one of their most recent additions to their already popular and affordable wines.

Now, we’re not huge fans of sweet wines here at Cocktails, 365, and moscatos tend to fall under that designation. They’re sweeter, with a little bit of fizz to add kind of a “working man’s champagne.” With an average price point at $5 a bottle, this most definitely falls into the budget booze range. In fact, this is almost hobo booze. But thankfully it doesn’t really taste like it.

Some quick notes on the Yellow Tail Moscato.


Light fruity scent, this bottle is similar to a pinot grigio.


Sweet, almost like grape juice. Just a bit of fizz on the back-end. Much to sweet for anything that we would drink by the glass, but perfect for mixing up some Christmas preparation time cocktails.


— Mark


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