Featured Best Buy Booze: Burnett’s Citrus Vodka

October 31, 2011 — Burnett’s Citrus Vodka

Oh, Burnett’s. Your craft bastards. You with your vodkas that are great for mixing cocktails, but not for drinking straight. You’ve bailed us here at Cocktails, 365 out so many times. You’ll be bailing us again. Because tonight is Halloween. That means we’ll have an extra post later on, but also that the vodka that takes front and center in our Halloween punch this year is actually versatile enough to be used in other cocktails.

Now, the kicker about Burnett’s flavored vodkas is that they are often just a bit too sweet. And by a bit too sweet, I mean way to goddamn sweet. That is, when you drink them straight. However, while mixed they take on whole new qualities. And for less than $10, you can create some classy cocktails without feeling like you should be laying face down in a gutter after buying $10 vodka.

Give these guys a call if that's your goal. (via bumwine.com)

No, tonight we’re taking it up a notch. But, money-wise… eh… not really that much. Tastewise, however. Yes. Quite a step up.


There’s a bit of a grain alcohol scent on the front. There’s some cloying sweetness in the scent.


Burns. However, unlike some of the other Burnett’s flavored vodkas, it’s not too sweet. In fact, it keeps up a solid taste.

On the Rocks:

This makes it a lot smoother. Again, it’s not too sweet, but it still is sweeter than some other vodkas. Takes the edge off.


– Mark

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