Welcome to the Great White North

TORONTO — Welcome from the Great White North… Canada that is… This has been a crazy month in the land of Beaver Tails and Beer.

Starting with one of my favourite events, TIFF!!! The Toronto International Film Festival. Celebrities, cocktails and movies… Oh my! I must have done something right in a former life as I was given tickets to the premier of George Clooney’s The Ides of March. Can you say HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! Yes I still get excited when I see my husband on film and yes HE WAS THERE… IN THE FLESH. Needles to say it was all about hanging at the Ritz Hotel bar afterwards, drinking way over-priced and over-rated cocktails, hoping to catch another glimpse. Dressed in my wedding gear, a girl can never be too prepared…

Then not to be out done, the amazing Nuit Blanche, an event that lasts from dusk til dawn. Perfect drinking hours. This event is about making art engaging and accessible. However for me, it’s about fabulous cocktails and meeting new people. Over 1 million new people to be exact, over 500 works of art and I lost track of the cocktail count but they were all FABULOUS.

If that wasn’t enough, my hood in known for one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations in the world. Nine days of beer drinking, parading and fabulous food eating…then a liver transplant may be required. To experience the full experience of the Oktoberfest celebration, you can dawn a lederhosen and learn to polka. I opted for just sampling every beer they had to offer.

Last but not least, I have the pleasure of being a part of one of the largest women’s blogging conferences in Canada. Dudes are welcome too, but are outnumbered by about 100 to 1, thus making them very popular. I had the pleasure of designing two signature cocktails for the even and speaking. Not to mention letting my inner ROCK STAR out at the annual karaoke costume bash. everyone need to do this now and then, nothing like hoards of girls screaming at you, in a good way of course…

Blissdom Canada 2011. Me as Slash and Jordan Knight from NKOTB. http://www.clbuchananphotography.com

So that’s about it…I have a couple weeks off to let my liver re-coup and them it’s time for Jingle Bells, Hawt Totty’s and mistletoe…


The Cocktail Deeva

Fall Ice Wine Martini

  • 2 Ounces Cab Franc Ice Wine
  • 1 Ounces Pear Nectar
  • 2 Ounces Black Berry juice

Shake well with ice and strain into a Martini Glass, garnish with a very thinly sliced pear wedge floating on top.

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