Featured Best Buy Booze: Monarch Hazelnut Liqueur

October 10, 2011 — Monarch Hazelnut Liqueur

The nut liqueurs are staples of European cuisine, as well as cocktail culture. This is especially true of Italian cocktails. However, the problem begins when you realize that these also tend to be some of the most expensive liqueurs on the market.

That is, until you consider the Monarch line. Now, as we’ve stressed before, there are times when you really do pay for what you get. But, there’s also just as many times where you’re paying for a big name on the label versus the quality of the actual spirit. We’re big believers in Monarch here at Cocktails, 365. After all, their brandy-based orange liqueur was a featured Best Buy Booze several weeks ago.

Now we’re on to their other major label — the hazelnut.

Substitute For: Frangelico


Strong, nutty scent, with just a hint of herbal. No cloyingly fake artificial scent that you get from some liqueurs.


Very smooth with no burn. There is a powerful hazelnut taste, which will be sure to come through in cocktails, so use the liqueur wisely.

On the Rocks:

Continues to be smooth, without losing any of the powerful flavor. This bodes well for use in cocktails.


— Mark

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