September 21, 2011 (Day 176) — Alchemist Alchemist (noun) — A person who is versed in or practices alchemy. Alchemy (noun) — 1. a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal […]

Turning Leaf Cider

September 20, 2011 (Day 175) — Turning Leaf Cider As the leaves start turning, so do our thoughts to the upcoming season. After some miserably hot days this summer, it will be nice to be a bit chilled. Get that same brisk fall air in your drink. So, it only seems fitting to honor the […]

ORIGINAL — Honey Patch

September 19, 2011 (Day 174) — Honey Patch It’s Monday. You head down to the bar. You need something strong to help wash the day off your shoulders, but you don’t want something too bitter. After all, you haven’t hit the bitter office work portion of your week yet. That tends to come around Thursday […]

Featured Best Buy Booze — Korbel Brandy

September 19, 2011 — Korbel Brandy Korbel. For those of my readers in the states, Korbel is most often associated with a sparkling wine from the Sonoma region of California. They also make commercials that make those of us with a filthy mind giggle like school girls. However, the California wine brand also makes their […]

REVIEW — Hiram Walker Caramel Apple Liqueur

September, 2011 — Hiram Walker Caramel Apple Liqueur DISCLOSURE: It is Cocktails, 365′s policy that it always reveal when we receive samples of liquor to review for the Website. As we tell those who offer samples: we will accept the liquor for review, but that does not guarantee a positive review. Pernod-Ricard sent us a […]

ORIGINAL — United Kingdom

September 18, 2011 (Day 173) — United Kingdom It’s another lazy Sunday, which means that we’ll make this a brief little update so you can get back to your Chronic(what)les of Narnia. United Kingdom 2 oz scotch whiskey 1 oz Irish whiskey 2 oz 360 Madagascar Vanilla Vodka Dash of caramel apple liqueur Tonic water […]

Creamy Screwdriver

September 17, 2011 (Day 172) — Creamy Screwdriver I hate blenders in the bar. I’ve said it before. I will probably always continue to say it. The grinding, harsh cacophony of grinding bits and gears completely kills the relaxed, chummy atmosphere that the bar should foster. That being said, however, there are some killer cocktails […]

ORIGINAL — Firecrotch

September 16, 2011 (Day 171) — Firecrotch Soooooo…. What exactly IS a fire crotch? According to the couth and gentlemanly A person with fire red pubic hair. That’s actually a pretty tame description for the standard Urban Dictionary definition. We will never get tired of that woman… Where were we? Oh. Right. Drinks. So, […]

ORIGINAL — Creamed Limes

September 15, 2011 (Day 170) — Creamed Limes In honor of the very much welcome dip in temperatures, we’ll be breaking out the heavier, creamier drinks. If you’re still getting roasted where you are, not to fret. We’ll come back with some heat-beaters later on in the week. Until then, we’ll straddle that line with […]

ORIGINAL — Blood Red

September 14, 2011 (Day 169) — Blood Red The weather has turned to fall, which means our thoughts have turned to Halloween — our favorite holiday. This means that as the leaves turn, you can expect to see some more fall-like drinks. Tonight is one of them. It’s going to be heavy sweet (just to […]