September 29, 2011 (Day 184) — Pickleback

Oh, the Pickleback. What words can be said about the Pickleback? The Pickleback is a shot that has been slowly growing in popularity across college towns and respected bars a like over the past two years. It’s popularity has been helped along thanks to the sudden resurgence of whiskey in the drinking populace’s consciousness. It’s also one hell of a weird shot.

According to this 2010 article from the New York Times, most trace the Pickleback’s creation to… Well, no one really knows. However, the author had his first at The Bushwick Country Club, a bar that the author describes thusly:

a trash-strewn backyard featuring a derelict miniature-golf course, Christmas bulbs strung up for lighting, stout in a Styrofoam cup and a staff comprised of what one Yelper described as “an odd assortment of pirates and misfits.”

Since then, the Pickleback has become something of a legend. The mixologist set, much like the chef set, always have a certain set of recipes they tend to go back to. They are basic, simple, and utterly delicious. Who was I to fly in the face of those great cocktail writers and mixers that came before? Pardon me, while it’s time to man up.


  • 1.5 oz shot Old Whiskey River Bourbon
  • 1.5 oz shot pickle brine

Take the whiskey, follow immediately after by the brine.

This is… Really. Really good. Actually.

By taking the pickle brine shot right after the bourbon, it clears the palate of the woody flavor. However, with the OWR, there’s a distinct, almost coffee flavor that comes after the two flavors chase one another. Now, you are left with a lingering taste of pickle on your breath, but I suppose for some people vinegar and garlic is to be preferred over booze on the breathe.

Okay. I’m a believer.


— Mark


  1. Pickle brine and Whiskey?

    (I have to admit this is the type of drink I’d try around 2:00 in the morning)


  1. […] also cheating a little for this picture. I didn’t take it! I got it from HERE because there just wasn’t a good moment to pause everything and take a picture, which I […]

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