ORIGINAL — Honey Patch

September 19, 2011 (Day 174) — Honey Patch

It’s Monday. You head down to the bar. You need something strong to help wash the day off your shoulders, but you don’t want something too bitter. After all, you haven’t hit the bitter office work portion of your week yet. That tends to come around Thursday afternoon.

The Honey Patch is the sort of powerful drink that’s going to carry you through to the weekend. Don’t you worry a bit.

Honey Patch

  • 1.5 oz Korbel Brandy
  • 1 oz Jameson Irish Whisky
  • 1 dash honey liqueur (we use Barenjager)

Combine the ingredients in a Boston shaker and stir well, at least 40 seconds. Strain into a chilled classic cocktail glass.

Smokey. Burny. Heady. And just a little bit of sweet.


— Mark

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