Snake Oil

August 25, 2011 (Day 149) — Snake Oil

Snake Oil was often used to describe any sort of medical cure that was evidently trumped up and used to sell to suckers.

I’ve been pretty vocal about my opposition to shots. In my mind, the point of a cocktail is to savor it. I’m a booze-version of the foodie. It’s not about how fast you’re getting fat, it’s how WELL you get fat. Which, I realize, probably isn’t much of a distinction. But, in order to cater to our readers who do enjoy shooters (and don’t get me wrong, you can craft some high-quality shooters) I will occasionally acquiesce to their requests.

So we have the Snake Oil, a medicinal little shot playing off some more popular shooter recipes.

Snake Oil

  • 1 oz Blackmaker Root Beer Liqueur
  • 1 oz Harlem Liqueur

Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Make sure both liqueurs have been in the freezer long enough to be ice cold. Maybe even chill the shot glass. You want this is as cold as possible.

Take that bitch. There’s a strong, heavy flavor. But it goes down smooth and finishes clean.

Still, shots aren’t for me.


— Mark

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