ORIGINAL — Ectoplasm

August 3, 2011 (Day 128) — Ectoplasm

So what exactly is ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm: Noun: 1. Biology . the outer portion of the cytoplasm of a cell. Compare endoplasm. 2. Spiritualism . the supposed emanation from the body of a medium.

We’re going with the more… spiritual version for this drink, shall we say?


Now, this isn’t a drink that’s going to bring you to new spiritual highs. It’s pretty basic, and could become the hit of any college town 80s night. It’s called the Ectoplasm because it’s green — like Slimer up there.


  • 2 oz Ke Ke Beach Key Lime Liqueur
  • 1 oz coconut rum
  • 1.5 oz citrus vodka

Combine the ingredients in a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice and stir. Serve up with a little bit of spookiness.

Sakic the Cocktail Kitty isn't spooky. But she is evil. So that's close.

Very sweet. Even the citrus in the Ke Ke and the vodka can’t stop this from being a heavier drink. However, it’s not nearly so heavy as some winter drinks, so you could still get away with sipping this around poolside.


— Mark

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