Caramel-Dipped Chocolate

June 7, 2011 (Day 71) — Caramel-Dipped Chocolate

Did I mention yesterday that this week was going to be full of foofy-cocktails? Well, it is. So those of you who seem to have issues with the more girly drinks should probably pick up your Manhattan’s and come back next week.

Although, I would suggest you learn these for your personal reference. Who knows when you’ll have a date over that drinks the sweet stuff. It’s always a good idea to keep these in your back pocket to woo your lady (or guy) friend.

Tonight’s drink could be filed under “decadent.”

You should be riding in one of these while drinking tonight's drink.

Make sure you spelled that right and you didn’t file it under decedant.

Because, you know, decedants are dead people.


Caramel-Dipped Chocolate

  • 2 oz Sobieski Karamel Vodka
  • 1.5 oz heavy cream
  • .5 oz chocolate syrup

Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice and then garnish with a maraschino cherry.

A sweeter, heavier version of last night’s Carmel Machiatto.


— Cocktails, 365 Crew

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