Featured Best Buy Booze: Sobieski Karamel

June 6, 2011 — Sobieski Karmel

There’s a big split in the cocktail world these days — those that absolutely despite flavored vodkas and those that feel it’s a welcome addition to the cocktail kingdom.

Those that detest flavored vodkas are usually the purists — those that feel that any sort of flavor in a cocktail should be derived from the items mixed with the solid base spirit.

How flavored vodka fans tend to see purists.

Those that celebrate flavored vodkas look at the infinite array of flavors that can be brought out with a perfectly infused vodka.

How pure vodka fans see flavored vodka fans.

I tend to fall in the latter camp, believing that if done well, flavored vodkas open up a whole new world of cocktail designs that can appeal to drinkers from every single area of the spectrum.

That’s why this week we’re taking a look at Sobieski‘s foray into flavored vodkas — Sobieski Karamel.


The Karamel has a strong caramel scent right when you open the bottle. However, it has the advantage of not smelling overly artificial. Some of the reviewers stated that it “smells like a candle, and that’s a good thing.”


Very, very pleasant. The flavor isn’t overwhelmingly artificial like you can get in some flavored vodkas, and there’s no harsh burn on the end.


We actually prefer the Karamel neat as opposed to on the rocks. While the ice cools the alcohol burn down, it waters down the excellent flavor of the Karamel.


Very good base spirit and good for just sitting around and sipping. Expect a lot of girly drinks this week.

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