Mountain Dew

May 9, 2011 (Day 42) — Mountain Dew

Pop quiz history buffs. What did moonshine used to be called back in the days of Prohibition?

That’s right. Mountain Dew. In fact, if you look back, Mountain Dew’s original logo was a hillbilly getting shitfaced on a case of moonshine.

This week we’re featuring moonshine’s bastard cousin — corn whiskey.

Now, if you’ll recall the whiskey guide we put together back during the original run, corn whiskey is the basis for your basic Kentucky whiskey only aged about a year or so in a barrel. Not quite as powerful as true moonshine, but not nearly as mellow as aged whiskies.

Now, we may cause some controversy because of this week’s booze, but we like it that way. What’s the fun if we’re not pissing at least SOME snobs off, right? I mean, I’ve watched enough Caddy Shack to know that the whole “slobs verses snobs” thing is GREAT for box office returns!


This week we’re featuring Platte Valley corn whiskey. Yes. It’s distributed by the enemy to all things good liquor. McCormick.

But here’s the kicker. Served in a ceramic jug, this is the shit.

Tasted neat it still has that kick in the junk that you expect from moonshine, but it’s been mellowed just a little bit by a couple years in the cask.

Mountain Dew

  • 1 oz Platte Valley Corn Whiskey
  • 4 oz limeade

Combine ingredients in a mason jar filled with crushed ice and serve.

You can almost hear the dueling banjos and sodomy in the background. This is delicious, with a bit of a bite added to the sweetness of the limeade on the end of it. It’s simple enough to make, and drinking enough of it will make you simple.


— Mark

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